Specializing in Air Conditioning Repairs in Omaha, NE for Over 30 Years

Stow away your emergency fans and invest in professional air conditioning repairs from Sandhills Heating & Cooling of Omaha, NE. We’ll assess the condition of your unit and perform a thorough repair from start to finish. You’ll be back to enjoying the crisp, cool air in no time.

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4 signs you need air conditioning repair

Investing in cooling repairs at the first sign of damage is paramount to preserving the condition of your unit. Check out these signals that warrant an immediate repair:

  1. Your unit is blowing hot air
  2. There’s moisture surrounding the base
  3. Excessive humidity
  4. Strange sounds and smells

Air conditioning repairs are our specialty. We’ll make sure your unit is performing at its maximum potential.

We provide emergency repairs in the Omaha, NE area. Call 403-556-8038 now to schedule your service.