"I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new heat pump and furnace you installed in our house last summer. Our level pay utility bills have gone from $295 to $135 per month and our house is so much more comfortable no matter the season. I also want to compliment you on how professional you and your team are when we've called for service or for the seasonal checkups. In a world of bad customer service, it's refreshing to work with Sandhills HVAC, where I know my satisfaction is your number one priority."

- Jeff and Jen S.

"Dear Jerry, Thank you so much for repairing my air conditioner. It is certainly a good thing I have a capable honest contractor like you. Thanks again!"


"Thank you - for always being there for me!"

-Ilene P.

"My service agreement literally saved my life. Jerry and his crew came to my house to check on my air conditioner. There was a propane leak to my hot tub and swimming pool heater which ended up needing to be fixed. If this leak had gone undetected, it could have ended up being a very disastrous situation. Thank you Jerry and Sandhills for the extra effort to keep me both comfortable and safe."

-Lauralee Miller - Omaha, NE

"Jerry has come through time-after-time and is one of the most honest service providers I have ever dealt with. He was able to repair my furnace when others simply wanted to replace it. I can't tell you how much money he saved me and my family. Thanks Jerry!"

-John Dawdy - Omaha, NE

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